40 Items To Tick Off Your Bucket List Before 40

To be clear, we are in support of all the bucket lists at all the ages all the time. Whether your to-do items involve eating your way through Southeast Asia, taking on the Himalayan heights, learning to rock climb in Europe or simply saying yes to every travel opportunity out there, we hope you channel your inner Marco Polo and cross off every damn one.

At Yomads, however, we specialise in adventures for the 20s & 30s so naturally, this article was named accordingly.

If you’ve got 40 on the horizon, we’re looking at you. How many of these bucket list items have you ticked off?

1.Learn to cook at least one foreign dish and cook it well.

2. Participate in a project that gives back to a community overseas.

3. Make a cross country road trip.

4. Spend the night at a traditional homestay.

5. Become adept at packing under the baggage limit.

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6. Make a lifelong friend while travelling.

7. Embark on a second adventure with said friend.

8. See the Aurora Borealis in action.

9. Set a budget for a trip and stick to it.

10. Sleep under the stars.

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11. Attend a concert or music festival that is not in your home country.

12. Learn a foreign language and actually put it to use in the country it’s spoken in.

13. Experience the biodiversity of a rainforest.

14. Travel for a day or two without plans and go where the wind takes you.

15. Escape a tourist city and visit a lesser known nearby town instead.

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16. Keep a travel journal.

17. Visit ancient ruins.

18. Take in the sunrise from the top of a mountain.

19. Unplug from electronics and absorb the atmosphere without Wi-Fi.

20. Celebrate your birthday overseas.

21. Order off a foreign menu without knowing what the item is.

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22. Take a train journey through a scenic countryside.

23. Travel by yourself.

24. Use all of your annual leave at work.

25. Relax on a lonely tropical island.

26. Cruise down a river.

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27. Turn your favourite travel snaps or souvenirs into decor for your home.

28. Set foot on the opposite hemisphere of your hometown.

29. Learn how to minimize the impact of your travels and how to do so in an eco-friendly way.

30. See an elephant in the wild.

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31. Challenge yourself with an outdoor activity like rafting or canyoning that is out of your comfort zone.

32. Spend a night on board a houseboat.

33. Learn the art of travelling slowly and truly experience a new region.

34. Ride a camel in a desert.

35. Complete a multi-day trek.

36. See an area from above via hot air balloon.

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37. Zip line through the tree tops of a jungle.

38. Go dog sledding.

39. Gain a new perspective by seeing the world underwater.

40. Travel to a country that is ‘off the beaten path’.

And when you’re done with that…

41. Make a bucket list for your next 40 years.

Join travellers in their 20s & 30s and conquer your bucket list with Yomads.

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