About Yomads


If you’re looking for your next adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

At Yomads, we are passionate about taking travellers in their 20s & 30s off the beaten path in search of the world’s hidden gems.

From trekking through the Himalaya and experiencing traditional homestays in Vietnam to traversing the vast deserts of Namibia and sipping homemade wine while beach camping in Greece, our trips are big adventures with a small environmental footprint.

  • Adventures for the 20s & 30s
  • Maximum 15 travellers per group
  • Big adventure, small environmental footprint
  • Flexibility & freedom to roam
  • Active itineraries
  • International groups

The Yomads Philosophy

Offering a mix of scheduled activities that include hiking, cycling, cooking classes, and wildlife safaris, our adventures are designed to go beyond the traditional walls of a holiday to get you up close and personal to the environment and its peoples. At the same time, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all and that independent travellers like their freedom to roam.

Our itineraries are structured to allow free time for you to live in the moment, whether that means catching a sunset from the top of that hill you passed earlier, visiting the local cafe where the colours and smells were so intriguing, relaxing and read a book around the campsite, or hitting a local bar that you heard so much about.

While our trips are for travellers in their 20s and 30s, we limit our groups to 15 travellers so that you can enjoy your experience intimately. That also means you’ll be travelling with likeminded companions from all corners of the globe, giving you the opportunity to forge lifelong friendships and memories you won’t forget.

A division of World Expeditions

Yomads is a division of World Expeditions, a specialist in trekking and travel since 1975. When you travel with us you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a great depth of experience with a reputable adventure travel company is in the background.

When planning to travel to remote and challenging destinations, many factors need to be considered. Our extra attention to detail and seamless operations on the ground ensure that your experience is a memorable one.

While guided trips are accompanied by an experienced local leader, treks are escorted by a knowledgeable crew that share a passion for the region in which they work and a desire to share it with you.

Most importantly, our adventures have always sought to benefit the local peoples we interact with, safeguard the ecosystems we explore, and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience.


Forget joining a tour group and finding yourself stuck on a bus with someone your parents’ age. Yomads is all about offering travel for young adults by connecting you with likeminded globetrotters from around the world. We keep our groups small, and stay away from the mammoth sized tour busses while we’re at it! Same age, same stage in life, same wonderfully curious sense of adventure.


Yomads is a division of World Expeditions, a specialist in trekking and travel since 1975. Fortunately for us, they’ve spent the last 40 or so years scouring the globe for the most authentic, culturally immersive and epic experiences out there. As a result, our logistics are backed by a wealth of knowledge and our operations lie in incredibly capable hands. 


One size never really fits all, so why should your adventure be expected to? The benefits of travelling with Yomads start before you even leave home. Each carefully crafted itinerary ensures reliable accommodation, safe transportation and top notch advice. While some of the activities are pre-planned, we know it’s important for you to have free time to do some exploring of your own, too. Featuring both structure and flexibility, our itineraries allow you to tailor the day as you see fit.