Missed the solar eclipse? The bad news is it’s a long wait for the moon’s next big spectacle. The good news is that you can put your regret to use and hit up these legendary sky spots around the globe to take in a lunar showdown of your own in the meantime.

1.Atacama Desert, Chile

Look up unforgettable skies and you’ll find this one high in the ranks. A little slice of heaven in one of the driest areas in the world, this plateau was made for starry sky viewing.

Atacama Desert, Chile

2. Larapinta Trail, Australia

Allegedly 85% of Australia’s population lives within 50kms of the coast, where living in the shadow of city lights means you’re out of luck with the night sky. Talk a walk on the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia and let time pass slowly as you fall in love with the red and orange hues of the landscape offset by the millions of lights up above.

3. The Himalaya, Nepal

There may be a haze in the lower valleys but once you head to the Himalayan heights you’re in for crisp air that’s free of pollution and jagged peaks that magically frame the horizon ahead. Just try to brush your teeth outside of your tent without getting wonderfully lost in what’s happening overhead, we dare you.

Monjo, Nepal

4. Kiruna, Sweden

You can find some pretty stunning elements – including the elusive Aurora Borealis – in many spots throughout Scandanavia. May as well try your hand at snowshoeing and check out Kiruna’s Esrange Space Center while you’re at it.

5. Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia

By nature, a desert is a vast expanse of land lacking precipitation, vegetation, and development, and Southern Africa’s Namib-Naukluft is no exception. It’s here that you can find the vast expanse of vibrant orange sand dunes, populated by the occasional shell of an acacia tree and a pretty surreal sense of space and freedom. Add that to lack of distracting lights and you’ve got a bucket list destination by day and night.

Namibia, Africa

6. La Fortuna, Costa Rica

What do you get when you cross an active volcano and a remarkably healthy troposphere? The beauty that is Arenal Volcano, nestled away in the national park of the same name. Though the vibrant red lava hasn’t been seen trickling down its sides since 2010, it’s expected to return one day and you’re going to want to be there to witness it.

7. Utah, USA

With Zion, Bryce, and Arches National Parks packed within its statelines, Utah has become a bit of a haven for nocturnal hot spots that deliver the goods. Whether you choose to visit Natural Bridges National Monument, officially designated a dark-sky park in 2007, or one of the other unique rock formations the area is famous for, all you need to do is unroll your sleeping bag and wait for the magic to happen.

Utah, USA

8. Canary Islands, Spain

Featuring high altitudes, unreal landscapes, a volcano or two and the highest point on the Atlantic Ocean, attracting hikers and stargazers is the Canaries’ norm. Make your way to this cluster of Spanish islands to position yourself somewhere between the mist of the clouds and a sea of stars.

9. Hawaii, USA

Home to rugged volcanic peaks strewn across a corner of the Pacific, Hawaii’s sky is a delight whether you’re taking in sunrise, sunset or something in between. Boasting constellations and planets that can be seen with great clarity, we’re fairly certain you won’t regret grabbing a patch of turf on one of Hawaii’s peaks and watching the sky come to life.

Hawaii, USA

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