9 Inspiring Travel Decor Ideas

It’s equally as common for travellers to avoid material purchases like the plague as it is to have an apartment chock full of trinkets obtained in markets and bazaars across the world.

Decorating with travel items is a foolproof way to soothe both the atmosphere of your home and your wandering soul. If you’re looking to spruce up your digs, this handy list of travel decor ideas is for you. Chances are you already own at least half of it.


We kid you not, it is impossible to go wrong with a Moroccan rug. Available from local vendors in the widest array of colours, patterns and designs you can imagine, plop one of these into your home and you’ll be reminded of the souks’ beloved chaos each time your feet hit the ground.

Moroccan rug, travel decor

Local brews

Suitable for both those firmly against collecting material items and those with backpacks that are simply too full for any additional relics, a litre of the local brew goes a long way. Summon your friends, stock up on the mint and down a few mojitos; you’ll feel like you’re back in Cuba in no time.


Nothing transports you to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or Uzbekistan’s ancient Samarkand quite like a stunning piece of ceramic. Guaranteed to be the centerpiece of whichever room it ends up in, these delicate creations are not advisable for the accident prone.

Istanbul pottery, travel decor

Prayer flags

Perhaps the most recognisable keepsake of the Himalaya, prayer flags are a welcome addition to almost any patio setting. An important symbol of Tibetan culture, you should take care when hanging and disposing of the flags as several sacred traditions govern this.

Antique suitcase

These rectangles seem to be going extinct – or perhaps they’ve just been going home with the wanderlust stricken souls of the world. Best sourced from your local markets, these authentic and dreamy suitcases double as storage and a constant reminder that your next adventure is only one packed bag away.

Suitcases, travel decor

Travel reads

That’s right, even your beloved dog eared books – when aesthetically arranged – can serve as authentic travel decor. On the hunt for your next good read? Check out a list of some of our favourites here.

Coffee table book

Not just any coffee table book, but one featuring your adventures. Head to your local office supply shop or check out the growing list of companies that specialise in turning your Instagram account into a hardcover book such as this one or this one. You’ll have something meaningful ready for your perusal at all times.

Travel photos, travel decor

African mask

Always a top candidate for a conversation piece, African masks are as intriguing as travel memorabilia come. Whether you’ve found your perfect match in Tanzania or in South Africa, it’s important to be aware of your home country’s customs regulations ahead of time to avoid disappointment on arrival.

Push pin map

Cheap to assemble and maintain; if this doesn’t scream travel inspiration, we don’t know what does.

Travel map, travel decor

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