18 Signs That You Are Addicted to Travel

A wise Michael Palin once said:

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.”

If you ask us, no truer words have ever been spoken. Whether you’ve spent many days on the road or you’ve just returned home from your first adventure, there’s no denying that travel is addictive.

If you’re wondering if the travel bug has officially afflicted you, you may want to see if these signs that you are addicted to travel sound familiar.

Signs you are addicted to travel

1.You have your passport number memorized.

2. You could teach a class on the most efficient way to pack a carry on.

3. Your bucket list seems to multiply by five each time you tick off one.

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4. At any given time you have at least four future trips mentally mapped out.

5. You adopt a new ‘favorite’ city each time you travel.

6. Your home is cluttered with dog eared pages of travel books. Don’t even get us started on the relics you’ve brought home from all ends of the Earth.

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7. ‘Home’ is also a vague term since you feel like you’ve left a piece of your heart in many locations.

8. It’s not unusual to reach into your wallet to pay for coffee and accidentally pull out a foreign note.

9. Your cooking repertoire involves some sort of perfected curry, spring roll or empanada.

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10. You lost track of your country count long ago.

11. You aren’t afraid of a layover if it scores you more money to travel with later.

12. And you already know where the best sitting area is at the chosen airport.

13. You’re in denial that your well travelled and decoratively patched backpack is going to need replacing in the near future.

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14. You see distance as a unit of time and consider hostels and flights a currency.

15. Your family is running out of ways to politely decline hearing another travel story.

16. You can say hello and thank you in at least six languages and you insert these into your conversations daily.

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17. Your inbox is constantly bombarded by the multitude of blogs and newsletters that you are subscribed to. How else are you supposed to keep tabs on an up and coming destination?

18. You owe accommodation to many, many people you’ve bunked with. If only you could stay at home long enough for them to visit.

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