7 Travel Resolutions for 2017

When the clock struck midnight on 31 December, travellers across the globe raised their glasses vowed to see more of the world.

And, while devising an elaborate plan to quit your job and tick off every item on your bucket list is a pretty appealing resolution, it isn’t overly attainable. Take on the new year with these realistic travel resolutions that are sure to make 2017 your best yet.

Get Reacquainted With Your Piggy Bank

Travel takes money, money takes saving, saving takes a heck of a lot of patience and discipline. Kick your old spending habits to the curb and start funding your next adventure now.

Say Yes To The Bucket List

Your thoughts of exploring Machu Picchu, summiting Mt Kilimanjaro and sailing Halong Bay don’t have to be a distant dream – make 2017 the year you embark on your adventure of a lifetime.


Leave the computer at home and step away from the Instagram filter. Use your travels as time to recharge your batteries (literally) and enjoy a break from social media. Your followers can wait.

Chile, Patagonia

Travel Greener

Travelling responsibly is easier said than done, yet a greener existence is always something to strive for. From volunteer work and eco-campsites to using less plastic and carbon offsetting your flight, make your next journey a green one.

Get Some Fresh Air

It’s already been proven (by someone, surely) – spending time outdoors is good for you. Get back to nature and enjoy a simpler life on your next adventure; the comforts of home are meant for just that.


Eat Like It’s Your Last Meal

From pho and pastries to curries and cuy, eat all the local treats and eat them often.

Leave Your Comfort Zone At Home

Try your hand at momo making, experience a homestay, summit a volcano and keep 2017’s golden rule at the front of your mind: when you board your next flight, your comfort zone doesn’t need to be with you.

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