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China Hike and Bike Explorer from $ 1790

Trek the Great Wall, help a panda, cycle in the south and party in Hong Kong

Trip Dates

  • 24.May. - 04.Jun.2014
  • 30.Aug. - 10.Sep.2014
  • 11.Oct. - 22.Oct.2014
  • 15.Nov. - 26.Nov.2014
  • 13.Dec. - 24.Dec.2014

Trip Dates

24.May. - 04.Jun.2014 available (guaranteed) Book now
30.Aug. - 10.Sep.2014 available Book now
11.Oct. - 22.Oct.2014 available Book now
15.Nov. - 26.Nov.2014 available Book now
13.Dec. - 24.Dec.2014 available Book now

Trip Highlights

  • Spend 2 days trekking remote sections of the Great Wall of China
  • Experience an authentic homestay during the Great Wall trek
  • Uncover China’s rich history at the iconic Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City
  • Cycle in Yangshuo amid its dramatic limestone, serene lakes and traditional villages
  • Overnight train journeys – a must do while in China!
  • Discover Beijing’s energetic back streets with hidden stalls and delicious food in the Hutong
  • Encounter pandas in a natural forest setting at the Panda Sanctuary
  • Explore the fantastic Muslim quarter on foot in Xian
  • Revel in Hong Kong’s vivacious night life
  • Add to your adventure with exciting optional activites like noodle making, cycling at the Summer Palace, rafting and a mud bath

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive Beijing

Day 2 - Beijing walking tour

Day 3 - Free day in Beijing

Day 4 - Beijing to Gubeikou, Great Wall trek

Day 5 - Gubeikou to Beijing, train to Xian

Day 6 - Xian and the Terracotta Warriors

Day 7 - Xian to Chengdu and the Panda Breeding Research Base

Day 8 - Guilin to Yangshuo

Day 9 - Cycling the Yangshuo hinterland

Day 10- Free day in Yangshuo

Day 11 - Yangshuo to Shenzhen

Day 12 - Trip ends Hong Kong

Green is Good

  • The business is operated using ‘best practice’ in terms of sustainable and responsible initiatives, guides are all highly experienced and there is a strong sense of promoting positive cultural interaction and philanthropy
  • Local agent has been certified the highest level

The Sweat Level


This is a fairly relaxed itinerary and is suitable for most fitness levels. On certain days some activities may push you outside of your comfort zone a little but it will only be for a short duration.

When To Go

China experiences a rather broad temperature range throughout the year. August to September experiences warm to hot days with temperatures up to 25-30˚C and a slight chance of rain. Around October the days are mild and dry, typically averaging 15-20˚C, and nights are cooler. In late October there is increasingly a cooler westerly wind that lowers temperatures, particularly at night while days remain mild.

Trip Inclusions

  • 9 x breakfast, 1 x lunch, 1 x dinner
  • 8 nights hotel, 2 nights train
  • Overnight homestay at local farm
  • Local English speaking Yomads guide
  • Transfers by bus, air and train as stated in the itinerary

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Beijing

Arriving into one of the world’s most vibrant cities, we are welcomed by our local guide. After an afternoon rendezvous at the hotel we spend the evening exploring the surrounding area.

Meals: Nil

Day 2: Walking tour of Beijing

After a leisurely breakfast we head out on foot to see some of Beijing’s majestic sights including Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. We'll discover the backstreets, also known as hutongs, that are alive with street stalls and hidden temples. Some of the best food in China can be sampled in the hutongs at small local restaurants.

Meals: Nil

Day 3: Free day in Beijing

The day is yours to explore Beijing. Our recommendations are:

  • Hire a bike and cycle around the biking trails of the Summer Palace
  • Paddle boat in the Summer Palace
  • Feast at the great restaurant at Beihai Park
  • Try your hand at noodle making
  • Enjoy a traditional massage or cooking class

Meals: B

Day 4: Beijing to Gubeikou, Great Wall trek

After breakfast we travel in our private bus to Gubeikou. This is a great area to undertake some hiking on the Great Wall with its original appearance maintained. Unlike other “wild” sections of the Great Wall, Gubeikou has some historical sites such as temples and temporary imperial palaces and has been ranked as one of the best hiking and photography sections of the wall. In the evening we are treated to a special homestay experience with local farmers providing an excellent insight into life in rural China.

Meals: B, D

Day 5: Gubeikou to Beijing, train to Xian

A must do experience when in China is an overnight train trip. We return from Gueikou to Beijing after completing the Great Wall trek and board our overnight carriage. Tonight we fall asleep to the gentle sway of the tracks before our early morning arrival into the city of Xian.

Meals: B

Day 6: Xian and the Terracotta Warriors

After checking into the hotel there’s time to relax or explore. The afternoon is reserved for a visit to the iconic Terracotta Warriors. Recommended options for the remainder of the day are:

  • Wander through the narrow streets of the Muslim quarter to chime into prayer call and sample the cuisine
  • Visit the Bell Tower, the geographical centre of the ancient capital
  • Stroll along the old city walls drinking in the splendid past of Xian

Meals: B

Day 7: Xian to Chengdu and the Panda Breeding Research Base

The morning is spent at leisure before leaving Xian on a short flight to Chengdu where our main mission is to spend time at the fascinating Panda Breeding Research Base. The facility has not only dedicated itself to giant panda conservations, but has also made great efforts to combine natural scenery and man-made landscapes to create wonderful living areas for giant pandas, red pandas and other endangered Chinese animals. It is also recommended that you visit Mount Qincheng, about a one hour drive from Chengdu, for mountain hiking amid Taoist temples and Chinese architecture.

Meals: B

Day 8: Fly to Guilin and drive to Yangshuo

The Panda Sanctuary will be the highlight of today as we get close to these beautiful bears with the backdrop of a natural forest setting. Our afternoon flight to Guilin is followed by a drive to Yangshuo where we'll settle into our hotel. The evening is free for you to take in the legendary scenery of the natural environment around Yangshuo that has inspired Chinese poets and artists for centuries.

Meals: B

Day 9: Cycling the Yangshuo hinterland

Yangshuo, an idyllic town set amidst limestone pinnacles and rice paddies, is the setting of today's cycle. The surrounding region is very beautiful, spotted with small villages and imposing karst rock formations. The cycle route we follow leads us along undulating roads to the Moon Hill area. There will also be time to explore the village itself, known to have fantastic shopping, restaurants and a lively ambiance.

Meals: B, L

Day 10: Free day in Yangshuo

Today is a free day to explore the many opportunities of Yangshuo. Our recommendations are:

  • Exploring Western Street, famous for its distinctive bars, restaurants and hotels that are full of exotic atmosphere
  • Visiting Xingping Ancient Town, famed for the beautiful mountains and rivers
  • Taking a mud bath, also called a natural baptism, said to be a relaxing experience by many travellers
  • Ride in a hot air balloon over the beautiful limestone karsts and waterways
  • Try your hand at rafting, an adventurous and exciting adrenaline activity
  • Participate in a cooking class to learn traditional Yangshuo dishes

Meals: B

Day 11: Yangshuo and overnight train to Shenzhen

You are free to sleep in and have a leisurely morning before taking a short bus ride to Guilin where we board an overnight train to Shenzhen.

Meals: B

Day 12: Trip concludes Hong Kong

The train pulls into Shenzhen around 11am. From here you'll head to Hong Kong, where the trip ends, to explore its world of shopping, dining, nightlife, history, nature walks and adventure sports.

Meals: Nil


Beijing 3N Hotel
Gubeikou 1N Farm stay
On our way to Xian 1N Train
Xian 1N Hotel
Chengdu 1N Hotel
Yangshou 3N Hotel
On our way to Shenzhen 1N Train


This itinerary may change at any time due to inclement weather, forces of nature and other circumstances beyond our control.



The Sweat Level

  • easy
Easy – these are pretty relaxed and are suitable for most fitness levels. Expect though to push a little outside of your comfort zone with the included activities, but they are not for lengthy durations.

Moderate - these will include cycling, walking, kayaking and other activities which will put a sweat on the brow. You should do some pre trip training like going to the gym, jogging, brisk walking or cycling at least 3 times weekly for months before you go to get your fitness level up.

Hardcore - these will include sustained walking or cycling over multiple days and that means you’ll need to get into a great fitness regime before your trip. The best preparation you can do is day walks or cycle trips one a fortnight that build your endurance fitness coupled with some hour long ‘cardio’ workouts up to 3 times a week, and continue this for 3 months before departure.