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unique travel experiences for the 20s and 30s

The Yomads travel philosophies

What we offer:

Unique travel experiences strictly for the 20s and 30s so you can be assured of meeting likeminded Yomads on your next adventure.

Join others from around your world:

Live the life of a Yomad on the pursuit of adventure as you journey with a cultural mix of global travellers in their 20s and 30s.  We keep our groups small (no more than 15 people) so that you can truly enjoy an “off the beaten path” experience while forging lifelong friendships. If you’re keen to see hidden and inspiring corners of the world with adventure-goers you’ll fit right in!




Life changing experiences:

Yomads provides travellers with life changing opportunities that go beyond the traditional walls of a holiday and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the host country’s culture.  Forget the tour buses and museums; our activities are captivating, cultural, and sometimes challenging, leaving you with a sense of discovery and asking for more.  Whether you want to canoe down the Amazon River, make Tibetan momos in Nepal, stay in a river camp under the stars in India, or trek to Machu Picchu, Yomads will show you the world like you’ve never seen it before. These are big adventures with a small environmental footprint.

Freedom and flexibility: 

We understand that one size does not fit all and independent travellers like their freedom to roam. While there are structured activities in each itinerary, at other times, it’s your choice as to how you flesh out your days. Living the Yomads lifestyle day by day means that you will have the time and freedom to live in the moment - to catch a sunset from the top of that hill you passed earlier, visit the local cafe where the colours and smells were so intriguing, relax and read a book around the campsite, or hit the local bar that you heard so much about.  Many of the activities are optional, giving you the choice to get in on the action when you want or create an itinerary of your own. 




Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Sweat Level? 

Fitness is an important aspect of our trips, and the fitter you are the more easily you will adjust and enjoy yourself. While some of the Yomads experiences will include leisurely activities, others will be tough and include activities like trekking at altitude for an extended amount of time. The sweat level of our trips range from easy to hardcore, and you can find each trip's grading on the itinerary page. 

Why Yomads?

Yomads is a division of World Expeditions, a specialist in adventure travel since 1975. When you travel with Yomads you'll have peace of mind knowing that a great depth of experience with a reputable adventure travel company is in the background. Our extra attention to detail and seamless operations on the ground ensure that you will have a memorable experience. Most importantly, our adventures have always sought to benefit the local peoples we interact with, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience.